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      Manufacturing Indonesia 2018 – NGC brand awareness in Southeast Asia market

      NGC CONTRON Exhibited in POWER-GEN K?ln, Germany
      7 August 2017

      Manufacturing Indonesia 2018 – NGC brand awareness in Southeast Asia market

      The 29th Manufacturing Indonesia was held as scheduled from 05 to 08 Dec in the Jakarta International Expo. As one of the largest manufacturing exhibitions in Asia,

      Manufacturing Indonesia is well known and respected among industry professionals. The show attracts more than 30 countries, 1600 exhibitors and 30,000 trade

      attendees who want to showcase their latest products, technologies and services.

      NGC group shows its MHB series standard industrial gear box, MLX vertical mill gearbox and other products for the first time in the exhibition. It has received high attention.


      ?“One Belt One Road” brings NGC into Indonesia

      Indonesia is the largest economy in southeast Asia, which sustains around 5% economic growth only follows China and India in recent years.

      With the building of “One Belt One Road”, China and Indonesia are pushing forward to cooperate in all fields, Indonesia has a broad market in railway,

      urban infrastructure and energy facilities.

      As a global leader in transmission, NGC regional head office was centralized in Singapore in 2014. It covers Asia Pacific market with great service in advanced technology

      and reliable quality etc. Strategically partnering with Heidelberg, Indonesia national power plant and other customers, it continues to deepen into Indonesia market.

      NGC Asia Pacific regional office attaches great importance to the exhibition, senior teams from sales, marketing and technical respective attend the exhibition to provide

      NGC extraordinary strength, enforce the understanding and communication with target customers in southeast Asia.


      ▲ Local workforce from NGC Asia Pacific


      “NGC Gearbox” win customers’ attention

      MHB series standard industrial gearbox and MLX vertical mill gearbox are presented in the exhibition, It provides solutions to materials processing,

      ports, mining equipment, sugar extraction and metallurgical machinery and so on.

      MHB series standard gearbox has high power density ratio and high cost performance, torque range of 6,000Nm to 1,400,000Nm. Based on the modularized system,

      the delivery is flexible and fast.

      Vertical mill gearbox rated power ranges from 80kW to 8,000kW. Gearbox and planetary frame are analyzed by FEM to optimize design, the deformation is smaller

      and more stable in the process of operation. Its complete thrust bearing device is awarded national invention patent.

      ▲ MHB series standard gearbox????????????????????????????????????????????????? ▲ MLX vertical mill gearbox


      New launched brand and compact booth attract lots of potential customers from various industries to pay high attention to NGC. They conducted in-depth and

      multi-perspective communication on products, technologies, etc at NGC booth. Some customers from Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and other countries,

      after understanding of product information, have shown a strong willingness to cooperate.



      ▲ NGC personnel and customers in?discussion


      New mode of brand promotion

      Manufacturing Indonesia, a window for southeast Asia market and the best customers pool, open opportunity to NGC not only showing good products but

      great attempt for brand awareness promotion.

      NGC interacts with catThis during exhibition (a local media for online catalogues management platform) by having spot broadcast online. All exhibitors and

      registered visitors will receive the video link via email. NGC-related company profiles and product catalogues are also available for download on the platform.

      ▲ Sales Manager Jason is interviewed by social media


      It is believed that with the help of the platforms, NGC will gradually be perceived by clients in southeast Asia and Asia Pacific, and NGC will also be

      committed to providing full-life cycle services and solutions beyond customers’ expectations.