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      Converter Tilting Device

      • Wind Energy
      • Rail Vehicle
      • Cement Processing
      • Metallurgical Machinery
      • Rubber & Plastic Machinery
      • Mining Machinery
      • General Machinery
      • Turbo

      Converter Tilting Device

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      Converter tilting devices are used for steadily tilting and accurately positioning the furnace bodies in oxygen top-blown convertors and steelmaking equipment, and in finishing a series of technological operations. This can include converting to add molten iron, tapping steel, adding materials, and repairing furnaces. NGC’s converter tilting device primarily incorporates an AC variable frequency motor, a primary reducer, a secondary reducer, and a torque arm balancing device. It utilizes four-point meshed fully-suspended flexible driving type, and movement balancing mechanism is a torque arm device. NGC’s converter tilting device is the key piece of the transmission equipment for converter steelmaking production characterized by low speed, heavy load, large speed ratio, and frequent startup and brake. It can also bear large dynamic loads and poor working conditions.
      The related core technology of the primary reducer of NGC’s converter tilting device has obtained national patents. The main accessories incorporate top-quality brands to ensure that the performances of the whole device are safe and reliable.


      Technical Data

      Specification: 30 T -300 T
      Maximum torque: 6,500 kN.m
      Accident torque: 15,000 kN.m
      Speed ratio: 520~1,200



      Large torque transmission
      Fully-suspended flexible structure



      Converter steelmaking equipment


      Application examples

      In 2003The 120T tilting device of converter of Baotou Steel
      In 2006The 180T tilting device of converter of Wuhan Steel Group
      In 2012The third-phase 120T tilting device of converter of Tonghua Iron and Steel