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      Gearboxes for single screw extruder

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      Gearboxes for single screw extruder

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      Brief Introduction

      NGC’s gearboxes for single screw extruders are designed for the tetra-extruder, the tri-extruder, the dual extruder and the single extruder. These are mainly used in the rubber and plastic industry, and adopted as the device for transmitting power for extruding plastic.
      The gearboxes for single screw extruders utilize the parallel cylindrical gears, which are driven by the motor. The screw and the speed ratio of the gear are driven through splines and feeding gear to finish the processes of feeding and extruding.



      XDJ60, XDJ90, XDJ120, XDJ150, XDJ200, XDJ250 and XDJ300.



      Since the 1990s, NGC has delivered gearboxes to support the manufacturers of main extruders domestically. In 2006, NGC designed the first set of gearboxes for tetra-single screw extruders for Guilin Rubber Designing Institute, applied to a Romania factory of Michelin. In 2007, the gearbox for tetra-single screw extruders was applied to a factory in Thailand. The gearbox for flange type compound machines was NGC’s new patented product, and supports the tetra-extruder of Michelin.