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      Main Driving Gearboxes for Bar and Wire Rolling

      • Wind Energy
      • Rail Vehicle
      • Cement Processing
      • Metallurgical Machinery
      • Rubber & Plastic Machinery
      • Mining Machinery
      • General Machinery
      • Turbo

      Main Driving Gearboxes for Bar and Wire Rolling

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      NGC’s main driving gearbox technology for bar and wire rolling provides solutions for driving systems of the production lines of bars, wires, and profiles. The gearboxes for bar and wire rolling are designed by alternatively arranging vertical gearboxes and horizontal gearboxes to ensure the shapes and sizes of rolling products. The horizontal gearboxes are driven by parallel shafts, and the vertical gearboxes are driven by spiral bevel gears and parallel shafts. The structure is a single input double output structure or a triple output structure, which can transmit and distribute the power of the motor to two or three rollers, which then reach the torque and speed required by rolling through reduction ratio. In addition to completely meeting the actual working conditions, NGC’s main driving gearbox technology for bar and wire rolling furthermore features compact structure, compact resistance and steady operation, can be matched with closed or short stress path rolling mills when used, and can rationally customize the vertical and horizontal structured gearboxes and flat-vertical switching systems according to the requirements of actual rolling technology of the production lines.


      Technical Data

      Mid-range of output shaft: to 1,100 mm
      Speed ratio: to 120
      Torque: to 1,200 kN.m



      Compact design structure
      Low noise
      Good housing stabilization
      High reliability via forced lubrication to bearings and spraying circulation lubrication



      The large, medium and small bar production lines; the wire and high-speed wire production lines; the partial sectional steel production lines.


      Application examples

      In 1996The bar production line of Xingcheng Special Steel Co.
      In 2004The 450,000t bar production line of Shanghai No.5 Steel Works No.5 of Baosteel
      In 2010The 800,000t bar production line of Shuicheng Iron and Steel of Shougang Group