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      Main Gearbox

      • Wind Energy
      • Rail Vehicle
      • Cement Processing
      • Metallurgical Machinery
      • Rubber & Plastic Machinery
      • Mining Machinery
      • General Machinery
      • Turbo

      Main Gearbox

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      NGC supplies multi-MW wind gearboxes, up to 6MW products which are under development as well as in small-batch production and supply. The products are featured by compact structure, high capacity, high efficiency, high reliability and high cost performance ratio. The products are used in by well known turbine manufacturers both domestic and aboard in wind fields under various working conditions.
      The actual working conditions of wind turbine are considered when the main gearboxes are designed. The parts of the gearbox are accurately calculated and analyzed based on load spectrum; bench performance tests including accelerated life test (HALT), low-temperature test (CCV) among others, which are carried out to simulate the actual conditions.


      Main specifications of the products

      1.5 MW Main Gearbox
      2.0 MW Main Gearbox
      2.5 MW Main Gearbox
      3.0 MW Main Gearbox
      3.6 MW Main Gearbox
      5.0 MW Main Gearbox
      6.5 MW Main Gearbox

      The speed translation ratio of the gearboxes are matched to users requirements, or else is configured as plateau type, high-temperature type, low-temperature type and low wind speed type gearboxes according to needs.