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      MLXSS Vertical Mill Gearbox

      • Wind Energy
      • Rail Vehicle
      • Cement Processing
      • Metallurgical Machinery
      • Rubber & Plastic Machinery
      • Mining Machinery
      • General Machinery
      • Turbo

      MLXSS Vertical Mill Gearbox

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      Vertical mills require extremely high rated power and extremely high usability. The gearboxes as the key component of vertical mills are used for transmitting power, reducing the rotating speed of the motor to the rotating speed required by the mill during grinding, and supporting the mill’s millstone. High axial force and partial radial force geuerated during the grinding process are transmitted to the mill foundation through thrust bearing and the housing.


      Technical Data

      Specification: 16Driving speed ratio: maximum i=80
      Rated power: P=2,000 kW ~9,000 kW



      Optimized meshing accuracy of gears, lower noise, and high efficiency;
      Gearbox and planetary frame are analyzed by FEM and optimally designed, ensuring deformation during operational processes is under control for operation smoothness;
      The complete thrust bearing device is patented nationally;
      Secured manufacturing quality and higher reliability;
      Higher accuracy, smaller size and lighter weight.


      Applicable Fields

      Applied to grinders for raw material; crushing the limestone, cement clinker, slag, lime, gypsum, coal ash and ore in the building industry; crushing coal sheets in the coal industry.


      Application examples

      Main reducer for MLXSS600 (6000 kW) cement slag vertical mill used for Yuncheng 1,000,000T/d fine slag powder production line of Shanxi Weidun Cement Group, supporting TRM vertical mill of Sinoma (Tianjin) Power Technology & Equipment Group.
      Main reducer for MLXSS540 raw material vertical mill used for 6,000 T/d cement clinker production lines of Hebei Kuangfeng Cement, supporting TRM vertical mill of Sinoma (Tianjin) Power Technology & Equipment Group.
      Main reducer for MLXSS480 raw material vertical mill used for 5,000 T/d cement clinker production lines of Qatar AL-Khalij Cement, supporting Loesche LM series vertical mills.
      Main reducer of MLXSS360 slag vertical mill used for Anshan Steel 600,000T/d slag production lines, supporting Polysius RMS 51/26 vertical mill.