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      Special Gearboxes in the Sugar Industry

      • Wind Energy
      • Rail Vehicle
      • Cement Processing
      • Metallurgical Machinery
      • Rubber & Plastic Machinery
      • Mining Machinery
      • General Machinery
      • Turbo

      Special Gearboxes in the Sugar Industry

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      NGC’s gearboxes for sugar pressing machinery are optimally designed to realize high efficiency. The equipment dimension is optimized by concept design to save space.
      For example, aiming at the driving device of the core presses of sugar mills, NGC provides ZT series double shunting gearboxes or ZTP series planetary gearboxes. NGC gearboxes can be further used for transmission belts, crushers, and turbines for generation.


      Technical Data

      Model: ZT or ZTP
      Drive ratio:i = 45~900
      Maximum output torque: 8,000 kN.m



      High driving efficiency, energy-saving
      Low noise
      Large load capacity
      Compact structure
      High reliability



      Applied to pressing sugarcanes.


      Application Examples

      In 2006ZT320 double shunting reducer in 8,400t/d project of Guyana Skelton Sugar Mill
      In 2006ZT180 double shunting reducer in 10,000t/d project of Guangxi ShangShang Sugar
      In 2010ZT120 double shunting reducer in 8,000t/d project of Guangxi Nanhua Sugar