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      The gearboxes for open-type mixing mills

      • Wind Energy
      • Rail Vehicle
      • Cement Processing
      • Metallurgical Machinery
      • Rubber & Plastic Machinery
      • Mining Machinery
      • General Machinery
      • Turbo

      The gearboxes for open-type mixing mills

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      Brief Introduction

      The gearboxes for open-type mixing mills are high-precision heavy-load hardened gearboxes matched with the open rubber mixing mill(open mixer). The gearbox utilizes the parallel cylindrical gears, and the input shaft is connected with the shaft of the motor through an elastic coupler which is then driven by the motor. The two output shafts respectively use the couplers to transmit the power to the rotator shaft of the open mill. After the speed reduction and power shunting of the gear between the two output shafts, which then the power is driving the rotator of the internal mixer to mix rubber.



      K360, K400, K450, K550, K610, K660, K710.



      NGC’s gearboxes for mixing rubber via once-through porcess are used for various tire enterprises in China, Japan, Sri Lanka, and Turkey.