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      Technical Support

      Technical Support

      NGC Asia Pacific (AP) provide technical consulting, such as specifications and functions of products, new technologies, and Project review for Customer and offering necessary technical solutions.

      Our robust culture and our innovative technology for wind turbine gears are understanding together with the competence of Customer application are divergent features for our products and services.

      Subsequently other support on comprehensive solutions for Product development, Manufacturing, Installation and debugging instructions, usage and maintenance training spare parts and technical reconstruction.

      Entirely the essential processes are skillfully coordinated, design on the deep knowledge of NGC components from our Manufacturing experience


      Pre-sale service

      provide technical consulting, such as specifications and functions of products, new materials, new technologies, and general reviewing of project situations for customers, offering necessary technical and


      On-sale service

      service esp. communication during the manufacturing, logistic delivery and installation to ensure zero defect.


      After-sale service

      Based on NGC’s product life cycle service concepts, we provide timely tracking and service, periodically visiting onsite and quick response, timely solving technical and product problems proposed by customers, providing technical training and relative technical support when needed, and offering utmost satisfactory high-quality services to customers through implementing the corporate ethic of “Take responsibility for users and society is taking

      Other Support

      Complete solutions for development, manufacturing, installation and debugging instructions, usage and maintenance training, spare parts, and technical reconstruction.

      NGC provides also the evaluation, maintenance and overhauling of the old gearboxes after warranty. Such service is applied also to the non-NGC products so as to create the value for the customers.

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